Monday, December 10, 2012

July 25th 2011

I made a pom pom for this card from scraps of yarn I was using to create crocheted flowers. This card is very dimensional and whimsical.
This side view really shows off its height.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

July 24th 2011

Paint chips all the way. This was made with clippings of paint chips and painting catalog. I used elmers to attach. The dot by the way is a feature of a certain paint chip.

July 23rd 2011

Another wire piece. Card stock, a white strip of paper, black acrylic paint and black wire embellishment. I love circles, dots and swirls. 

July 22nd 2011

Bozo called, he wants his card back... I acquired a tube of these poof balls and this was the best I came up with. I attached them with Elmer's clear glue on paint chips. Maybe if they were all the same color or in black and white I could come up with a better card.

July 21st 2011

I knitted a swatch and wrapped it around this card. This is a yarn over stitch that makes it look like you have dropped stitches. I also worked some small silver beads in if you look closely. This card was also made from a light blue hardware store paint chip.

July 20th 2011

Following my love of nature I collected this piece of vine wrapped it in wire and beads, and wired it to a card made from a hardware store paint chip.

July 19th 2011

This card I used red card stock, a felt tipped pin to create the swirls and white wire to add dimension. I love how the wire takes on a script like feel. I recreated this type of wire use in many different cards and I really love how this one came out.