Sunday, November 18, 2012

July 18th 2011

This card is a card of patience. Each line is hand drawn (obviously not using a straight edge) with pen. I wanted to create areas of heavy and light line use and even if the photo doesn't fully illustrate the diversity of the piece I really enjoy it and enjoyed making it.

July 17th 2011

I really don't like this card but I had already instituted the keep the ugly card rule and was going to stick by it. This card is using holographic transfer like paper and white paper scraps to create this wave disco like card.

July 16th 2011

This card was my attempt at branding. With my name starting with a K I decided to make a card depicting what my fabric would be like if I started making high end handbags and such. I wouldn't mind carrying an original Katherine bag if I do say so myself.

July 14th and 15th 2011

I wanted to create some cards at my job during this time so I packed minimal materials, simple paper traced with the shape of the card on a pad, colored pencils and a black thin tipped marker. The top polka dot card was created on the 14th on white paper, and the bottom card on the 15th on a piece of re purposed brown paper bag paper.

July 11th 12th and 13th 2011

I have used the little wooden piece in a piece at the beginning of this month and was interested on using them in a new way. Each of these cards are made by wrapping various self striping sock yarns and gluing them to the cards. Below are more photos of each one.

July 10th 2011

One of my past sculptures was an experiment in paint dripping. I used cheap tube paints from the wood crafting section at the craft store and poured them down a piece of my recycled paper and left it to dry for a day. After it had solidified I cut my 2.5 x 3.5 card from the section I found most interesting. This is one of the first but I found the idea of creating large pages and cropping down to be so pleasing that it became a technique I utilized many many times over the year.

July 9th 2011

For this card I wet my cut card and laid it on a rusty patio table. The brass piece is from a pair of earrings. The back of this card is also really interesting because of how the rust leached into and all the way through the paper. In the past I have rust dyed fabric and love how it looks.