Saturday, September 15, 2012

May 15th 2011

After the explorations in so much color and different materials I needed a break. This card is made simply with a black card stock background 3m foam tape, and white printer paper. I layered the papers and used the tape to create dimension  and lift. I really liked this technique and use it in later projects. This is yet another card I could see done on a much larger scale. Below is photo from the side to show some of the height I created. This picture reminds me of highway overpasses or topographic maps.

Friday, September 14, 2012

May 14th 2011

The first of my cut cards. A couple Christmas ago I found a wonderful web tutorial on how to cut round snowflakes and have been somewhat obsessed with them since. For some reason once the holidays come around I find myself cutting out blizzards of snowflakes in my festive frenzy. For this card I used part of this technique on a printed scrapbook paper and then cut it down to the 2.5 x 3.5 size. The background paper also has holes poked through for another dimension, I used a tapestry needle and regular needle. To try out your own snowflake skills go to for a fantastic step by step tutorial.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

May 13th 2011

On the 13th I created this card from my store of aluminum soda can tabs. Some brightly colored card stock (I believe it was actually a Kleenex box) hot glue and tabs. I love the fish scale look to this piece and like some of my other cards I could see this being done on a much grander scale and still being very interesting and successful. At this point I had made a costume for school, and various jewelry pieces from pop tabs so I was not at all adverse to using them again.

May 12th 2011

This was one of my more timely cards, even it if doesn't look that way. I tend to stray from drawing just because I'm not easily satisfied with my drawing skills (its a tumultuous relationship). Once again I incorporated the resistors into this piece and I love how they are the only dimensional pieces. Its like I needed a break after that flower to just appreciate something in a flat manor. There wasn't really any planning into the shapes drawn I just had a black marker and went at it. The shaded areas are colored pencil. I love how if I didn't like how a card was forming it really wasn't a huge problem the scrap it and start over, however I cant recall giving up on a card once.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

May 11th 2011

This is one of my first experimentation with extreme volume and wire. I had used this technique earlier on an Halloween mask I mad for a competition. Once again everything was thrown together just by what I could find that i liked and by what came to me at the moment. I rarely during this entire experiment pre-planned any of my cards and liked working intuitively (something I don't do as much with my more involved art pieces) Below I took a side picture to show of its lovely dimensionality. I remember being very pleased with myself after this piece and I'm still very happy with it. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

May 10 2011

As it is I am a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. I was digging around in my various collected supplies and decided to use my assortment of clock parts and my grandfathers resistors. I had found the resistors in the basement after his passing and loved their little bands of colors. The resistors are threaded through the card stock backing much like a staple and I used diamond glaze to affix the clock parts. I like the combination of soft lines and technical parts.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

May 9th 2011

At this point I was ready to start looking in a different direction for my daily cards. As it was I was working in downtown Kansas City Missouri walking about 7 blocks to get to work and avoid large parking fees. I had seen the rusty pieces in an alley way for a couple days and decided I needed to incorporate them into one of my series. This cards has found objects, a stylized letter paper and cutouts of feathers and flowers. I wanted to combine the harshness of the rusted objects with soft and beautiful images to create a interesting contrast. I believe this to be one of my more successful pieces at this early stage.