Monday, October 15, 2012

June 16th 2011

As long as I was making cute cards I thought I would go for broke. This card is made of felt buttons and adhesive crystals. Every girl needs a little sparkle time.

June 15 2011

I had spent a few days aspiring to make serious, artful, and experimental technique cards when this one just kind of happened. Some times you just have to give in to your inner cute :-). The little squares are made from shrinky dinks. Its days like this that I want to scrapbook and make people cute nonsensical cards.

June 14th 2011

Much like a card I published a couple days ago this one is also made from bonding newspaper bags together. I had so many fun colors to choose from I wanted to make a cooler version in contrast to the orange, pink and black one from earlier. This process is so fun and easy to do. There are endless ideas on what you can make below are a few fun links to diy pages with projects.

June 13th 2011

This card is a combination of two pieces of watercolor and saran wrap treated watercolor paper. One side is predominately black and the other has browns. I had done a large series of pictures in  watercolor with pencil. Feel free to view other painting at under the art category.