Sunday, October 28, 2012

June 28th 2011

After a few days away from felt I decided I still wasn't done. This one features a simple couched stitch on pink felt. This is also another technique Ive used on sculptures in the past. Couching is one of my favorite types of stitching.

June 27th 2011

This card was much more outside what I normally do and I really liked it. I used different scraps of paper cut and layered with a simple pencil embellishment. I've always respected artist who use drawing and have always been very hard on my own drawing skills.

June 26th 2011

I was tired of felt at this time so I used paper I had rolled into small tubes to make this card. The texture is interesting but it is not one of my more successful cards.

June 25th 2011

I was still on the felt kick so I created this card by stacking circles roughly cut out and attaching them together with spirals made of wire, the wire secures all the layers together. I added the white spirals later to fill in.

June 24th 2011

I had been introduced to a new painting medium used to create texture and put a dollop on a piece of felt to see how it worked. The medium  is clear with miniature round beads to make a sandy texture. I liked how minimal and abstract this came out so I cut it to the card shape and called it done.

June 23rd 2011

Since I was already in the beading and tedium I decided to use a bit of my sequin stash to create an overly sparkly card. I stitched each sequin down with a seed bead to lock it into place on a felt backing. Its bring, its colorful, and it wont be ignored!

June 22nd 2011

For this card I used a piece of regular felt and stitched these bronze colored seed beads in this shaded ring like pattern. Ive worked before with seed beads in a more intensive processes covering 3 small sculptures with stitched beads. The small size of these projects was a nice change because beading on larger scales can really hurt the fingers after so many hours.