Sunday, October 21, 2012

June 21st 2011

On the 21st I made a card with the idea of cavity in mind. The black is simple felt from any craft store that I cut hols in and place a mesh fabric over the holes. The backing pieces are also felt and then I place beads in between and hand sewed around the edges. I especially like shaking this little card because the beads move about in their own little pockets.

June 20th 2011

I had a short amount of time a can of spray paint and some extra black wire left over from an earlier craft project. I made this card by placing a piece of fern and trumpet vine on my cards surface and lightly spraying with black spray paint. I added the wires because they reminded me of how the vines send out these fun curly shoots.

June 19th 2011

Using post it notes, and odd piece of colored papers I made this structural card. I also incorporated some old garage sale stickers (the bottom two yellow dots) Today was all about play.

June 18th 2011

I am so in love with cut paper it makes me sick. This piece was traced out first and then cut with a very pointy pair of scissors. Pintrest is my new favorite muse and I plan to take my cutting skills to new heights with my own version of cut canvases seen here

June 17th 2011

I wanted to play with pen on this day. Black and blue ink on card stock. When it was finished I placed contact paper over to seal it. Not my favorite card, but not every day can be a gem and you learn from what dosen't work more than from what does.