Monday, December 10, 2012

July 25th 2011

I made a pom pom for this card from scraps of yarn I was using to create crocheted flowers. This card is very dimensional and whimsical.
This side view really shows off its height.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

July 24th 2011

Paint chips all the way. This was made with clippings of paint chips and painting catalog. I used elmers to attach. The dot by the way is a feature of a certain paint chip.

July 23rd 2011

Another wire piece. Card stock, a white strip of paper, black acrylic paint and black wire embellishment. I love circles, dots and swirls. 

July 22nd 2011

Bozo called, he wants his card back... I acquired a tube of these poof balls and this was the best I came up with. I attached them with Elmer's clear glue on paint chips. Maybe if they were all the same color or in black and white I could come up with a better card.

July 21st 2011

I knitted a swatch and wrapped it around this card. This is a yarn over stitch that makes it look like you have dropped stitches. I also worked some small silver beads in if you look closely. This card was also made from a light blue hardware store paint chip.

July 20th 2011

Following my love of nature I collected this piece of vine wrapped it in wire and beads, and wired it to a card made from a hardware store paint chip.

July 19th 2011

This card I used red card stock, a felt tipped pin to create the swirls and white wire to add dimension. I love how the wire takes on a script like feel. I recreated this type of wire use in many different cards and I really love how this one came out.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

July 18th 2011

This card is a card of patience. Each line is hand drawn (obviously not using a straight edge) with pen. I wanted to create areas of heavy and light line use and even if the photo doesn't fully illustrate the diversity of the piece I really enjoy it and enjoyed making it.

July 17th 2011

I really don't like this card but I had already instituted the keep the ugly card rule and was going to stick by it. This card is using holographic transfer like paper and white paper scraps to create this wave disco like card.

July 16th 2011

This card was my attempt at branding. With my name starting with a K I decided to make a card depicting what my fabric would be like if I started making high end handbags and such. I wouldn't mind carrying an original Katherine bag if I do say so myself.

July 14th and 15th 2011

I wanted to create some cards at my job during this time so I packed minimal materials, simple paper traced with the shape of the card on a pad, colored pencils and a black thin tipped marker. The top polka dot card was created on the 14th on white paper, and the bottom card on the 15th on a piece of re purposed brown paper bag paper.

July 11th 12th and 13th 2011

I have used the little wooden piece in a piece at the beginning of this month and was interested on using them in a new way. Each of these cards are made by wrapping various self striping sock yarns and gluing them to the cards. Below are more photos of each one.

July 10th 2011

One of my past sculptures was an experiment in paint dripping. I used cheap tube paints from the wood crafting section at the craft store and poured them down a piece of my recycled paper and left it to dry for a day. After it had solidified I cut my 2.5 x 3.5 card from the section I found most interesting. This is one of the first but I found the idea of creating large pages and cropping down to be so pleasing that it became a technique I utilized many many times over the year.

July 9th 2011

For this card I wet my cut card and laid it on a rusty patio table. The brass piece is from a pair of earrings. The back of this card is also really interesting because of how the rust leached into and all the way through the paper. In the past I have rust dyed fabric and love how it looks.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

July 8th 2011

I have an entire ream of recycled card stock that I have been utilizing. This card is just layering paper with the help of the 3m foam tape to lift the top layer and create depth. This was a quick and simple card but I really enjoy using the paper in this way.

July 7th 2011

This card although sideways s a drawing of a tree with a wire embellishment. Not every day is a winner and I kept this one however I'm not proud of it. 

July 6th 2011

I was still on my same paper kick but for this card I decided on a maze motif and colored it in with a felt tip pin. I really enjoyed making the stark lines and geometric design.

July 5th 2011

On the 5th I once again used the recycled paper and created this card simply with a mechanical pencil and a ruler one line at a time. I enjoy its simplicity.

July 4th 2011

On the 4th I created a notebook like card. There are several sheets of tissue paper adhered at the corner where the black paper is at. This card can be fluffed to make the sheets poof out more. Its not my favorite but much better in person.

July 3rd 2011

This photograph is somewhat hard to distinguish but the card is made using paper ribbon to create a dimensional flower like shape. I simply folded tucked and glued a section of a time with hot glue.

July 2nd 2011

I had purchased small wooden variety pack for another project so I combined them with my 3m foam tape and a piece of recycled paper to created this layered card. Another architectural piece that builds up and out from its original confines.

July 1st 2011

I was gingko inspired during this card. I used a black card and a gingko leaf template to cut white tissue paper leaf shapes and glued them down. After it was done I liked the template so much I attached it to the edge. I enjoyed how the paper overlapping created different hues.

June 30th 2011

I made several pieces in college using stitch witchery to bond fabric to other fabrics. For this card I added the bonding agent, cut fabric and simply iron bonded it to a card backing. I knew there was a reason I was holding onto all those silly little scraps. All of this fabric is also hand dyed.

June 29th 2011

This card was created using non thermal lamination paper with washers and jewelry metal rings sealed in between. This card was impossible to date, sign and very difficult to even photograph but I still enjoyed making it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

June 28th 2011

After a few days away from felt I decided I still wasn't done. This one features a simple couched stitch on pink felt. This is also another technique Ive used on sculptures in the past. Couching is one of my favorite types of stitching.

June 27th 2011

This card was much more outside what I normally do and I really liked it. I used different scraps of paper cut and layered with a simple pencil embellishment. I've always respected artist who use drawing and have always been very hard on my own drawing skills.

June 26th 2011

I was tired of felt at this time so I used paper I had rolled into small tubes to make this card. The texture is interesting but it is not one of my more successful cards.

June 25th 2011

I was still on the felt kick so I created this card by stacking circles roughly cut out and attaching them together with spirals made of wire, the wire secures all the layers together. I added the white spirals later to fill in.

June 24th 2011

I had been introduced to a new painting medium used to create texture and put a dollop on a piece of felt to see how it worked. The medium  is clear with miniature round beads to make a sandy texture. I liked how minimal and abstract this came out so I cut it to the card shape and called it done.

June 23rd 2011

Since I was already in the beading and tedium I decided to use a bit of my sequin stash to create an overly sparkly card. I stitched each sequin down with a seed bead to lock it into place on a felt backing. Its bring, its colorful, and it wont be ignored!

June 22nd 2011

For this card I used a piece of regular felt and stitched these bronze colored seed beads in this shaded ring like pattern. Ive worked before with seed beads in a more intensive processes covering 3 small sculptures with stitched beads. The small size of these projects was a nice change because beading on larger scales can really hurt the fingers after so many hours.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

June 21st 2011

On the 21st I made a card with the idea of cavity in mind. The black is simple felt from any craft store that I cut hols in and place a mesh fabric over the holes. The backing pieces are also felt and then I place beads in between and hand sewed around the edges. I especially like shaking this little card because the beads move about in their own little pockets.

June 20th 2011

I had a short amount of time a can of spray paint and some extra black wire left over from an earlier craft project. I made this card by placing a piece of fern and trumpet vine on my cards surface and lightly spraying with black spray paint. I added the wires because they reminded me of how the vines send out these fun curly shoots.

June 19th 2011

Using post it notes, and odd piece of colored papers I made this structural card. I also incorporated some old garage sale stickers (the bottom two yellow dots) Today was all about play.

June 18th 2011

I am so in love with cut paper it makes me sick. This piece was traced out first and then cut with a very pointy pair of scissors. Pintrest is my new favorite muse and I plan to take my cutting skills to new heights with my own version of cut canvases seen here

June 17th 2011

I wanted to play with pen on this day. Black and blue ink on card stock. When it was finished I placed contact paper over to seal it. Not my favorite card, but not every day can be a gem and you learn from what dosen't work more than from what does.

Monday, October 15, 2012

June 16th 2011

As long as I was making cute cards I thought I would go for broke. This card is made of felt buttons and adhesive crystals. Every girl needs a little sparkle time.

June 15 2011

I had spent a few days aspiring to make serious, artful, and experimental technique cards when this one just kind of happened. Some times you just have to give in to your inner cute :-). The little squares are made from shrinky dinks. Its days like this that I want to scrapbook and make people cute nonsensical cards.

June 14th 2011

Much like a card I published a couple days ago this one is also made from bonding newspaper bags together. I had so many fun colors to choose from I wanted to make a cooler version in contrast to the orange, pink and black one from earlier. This process is so fun and easy to do. There are endless ideas on what you can make below are a few fun links to diy pages with projects.

June 13th 2011

This card is a combination of two pieces of watercolor and saran wrap treated watercolor paper. One side is predominately black and the other has browns. I had done a large series of pictures in  watercolor with pencil. Feel free to view other painting at under the art category. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

June 12th 2011

I love this card. I was a simple drawing card done on heavier watercolor like paper with a black felt tip pen. I just like the scale and simple look to the graphic. I could see doing more pieces like this one in the future.

June 11th 2011

I decided on this day (which also happened to be my birthday) to reuse some of my scrap pieces to construct an abstract card. Not my favorite but I can still appreciate it for what it is.

June 10th 2011

On this date I had taken a photo of a tv show where a wall in the background was painted with these modular like shapes. I used some colored not pad papers and layered these shapes to create this interesting look.