Thursday, July 3, 2008

Funny... I do that too!

Working at my local craft store Urban Arts and Crafts I get many opportunities to talk to other crafers. Most people agree that there is nothing more aggravating than running out of yarn before you've finished your project. The funny part of this story is how people tend to deal with the situation when they first get the hint that they may be running out.
When this situation happens to me I notice that I start knitting faster and faster... like somehow if I can just go quick enough I will beat the yarn in this race to the finish. The sensation is similar to when you were a kid and you started running down a hill that's just a bit too steep. Your somehow falling and running and being amazed that something terrible hasn't happened yet. People always seem to laugh when I tell this story but its always followed up with a yeah its hilarious but I guess I do that too now that you mention it!
ha ha ha.

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